Corrie was a normal girl from Houston, Texas with parents and an older brother. She loved to sing and to act. She kind of lived in her own world, where she got all she desired. She was extremely shy when it came to boys and to talk to other person, she didn't know. Because of that it was always very hard to get to know new people, because it always seemed like she didn't wanna talk or spend time with them. Corrie felt often alone and sad, because she didn't had an relationship her entire life. She was 23 years old and waited still for her first kiss, that's why she was sometimes really depressed and was almost in tears, these were the moments she went deeper into her fantasyworld, where everything was good and where she had the greatest boyfriend you can imagine. In her fantasy she was the complete opposite. After 23 years of lonelyness she lost hope that there will be someone who will help and who will rescue her. Her friends didn't know that she never had a boyfriend and she hoped that they will never know. After every friend found a partner she started to think that there was no one for her. She accepted and lived with it. The only time she thought she had feelings for a guy she lost the contact, because her dad wanted her to change classes, so this thing ended before it even started.
At one day she met someone at a party. As usually she was really quiet and didn't talk much, but he didn't give up and made her talk. After a while it worked and they talked about everthing you can imagine. She felt good and didn't notice that he was flirting with her and he didn't notice that she really liked him. The party ended, they hug amd went in different ways. He was dissapointed about her reaction, but thought that she was special and not so easy to get like all the other girls he had over the time. He looked after her and decided when, she looked back too, there would be a chance. Corrie was sure she wouldn't him again and wanted to see him one last time, so she looked back and saw his smiling went to her car and drove home. She didn't notice that he followed her the whole way. He stopped in a short distance the stopped at her. He drove with her in his mind home. She immediately feel asleep and dreamed abot Trevor. He knew that it wasn't a good idea to follow her but he was so fascinated by her that he had to do it.
The next day after curch Corrie looked for him on an internetplatform, she just wanted to see a picture of him. She found him and was so excited that she accidently pressed the 'add to friends' button. At the same time just at a different place Trevor was on her profile and looked at the many pictures of her and her friends. He didn't notice that she was online too. He was just thinking about her and her amazing eyes when he notice that someone wanted to add him. When he read it was Corrie he didn't hesitate and accepted it, then he wrote this message:
'Hello beautiful, how's it going??? Hope you got home okay and most important safe! Last night was really nice, I had a great time. Do you think we could do it again?? Just the two of us?? Take your time and no pressure it's okay if not!! Trevor'
He sent it and waited. In the meantime Corrie had logged out and didn't know about the message. What he didn't know was that she was leaving the next day for two weeks, so she wasn't able to answer. When she talked to Maddie on the phone her best friend noticed that something was different. But it only took a little until she knew everything. They talked about the party, about the people there and especially about Trevor. Corrie didn't had to say that she liked him, because Maddie knowed her for such a long time, that she noticed it at the party, for her it was obvious, but she was pretty sure, that it wasn't for Trevor. Maddie already talked with his brother and found out, that Trevor liked her at least so much she did but had no no idea what she felt for him. Maddie didn't tell her these news. Just because Corrie had to focus on her future right now.
The first thing Corrie did when she came home two weeks later was checking her emails and messages, she became really nervous and excited the same time. She opened it read and smiled. She was happy. When she saw the date, she was a little worried that he could think that she didn't have interests in him. So she immediately wrote back:
'I am so sorry my answer took so long, you can't even imagine. I was the last two weeks out of town and no oppotunity to check my messages. I really hope that you don't think that I don't wanna go out with you, because it is not so. I had at this party a great time too. Again I am really sorry! Corrie'
To make sure she didn't miss his answer again she stayed online and waited. She called Maddie who told her parts of her news about Trevor. She just said, that he was single, had over the years several girlfriends and his last relationship ended a few months ago! While they were talking Trevor's answer came with the words:
'Dinner and a movie?? You choose, I'll pay! Say when and where I'll pick you up.'
When she read it she said:
'O my god, I don't know what to do!'
Over the phone she got some advices from Maddie and they decided together that they should go should go in a Chinese restaurant, because both loved Chinesefood and in a new movie which started. So she wrote back:
'Day after tomorrow, the chineserestaurant next to the city cinema, and this new movie which just started?'
Just a few seconds later she had an answer:
'I'll count the hours till then. I love chinese food and I'll pick you up at seven.'
A few second later the next message came:
'What's the adress?? Thinking of you!!'
Corrie read it and had immediately big butterflies in her stomach, so she wrote back:
'561 Bensonstreet! You're in my mind!'
The next two days both were really nervous. Trevor because he didn't wanna go to fast to far and Corrie because she was afraid and scared to do something wrong. Corrie didn't know what to wear so she called Maddie who came to help her to find to perfect outfit and did her hair and make up in a really natural way. It looked really good. Maddie left the house the minute Trevor came. She said:
'She looks absolutly amazing. Take care of her, she is special!'
Trevor just said:
'I will, I promise.'
He went to the door, rang the bell and waited. Corrie opened the door and Trevor was speechless, she wore an amazing lightblue dress, which looked absolutly gorgeous with her lightblue eyes. Her hair was open with a lightblue ribbon that matched perfectly with her dress. Trevor found words again and started to stumble:
'Ah, wow, ah, hi you look amazing!'
Corrie smiled looked down and said:
'Ah, than you! Are these for me??'
'What?? Oh the flowers, yeah beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady!'
Corrie's brother appeared in the doorway and said:
'You two go, I'll take care of these!'
But they didn't listen, they just had eyes for each other. They drove away and talked through the dinner and untill the movie started. The lights turned off, the movie started and Trevor was thinking what he should do, he was really unsure. But he didn't know that Corrie felt the same way. After an hour he started to try to get nearer to her, so he laid his arm around her shoulder, just to see how she react and she was kind of surprised by her own reaction, she wasn't thinking at all she just laid her head on his shoulder and heard his heart beat faster. She looke up saw his smile and smiled back. After the movie they went hand in hand back to the car without a word talking. They just looked at each other and smiled. He drove her home and brought her to the door. Then Corrie was the first who started:
'Look, this night was the most amazing night in my entire life and I wanna thank you for that. I meen, I like you. And I never felt something like this. I am so scared to make something wrong! And why are you laughing, this isn't funny!'
'Because you look so lovely when you're scared, come here'
he said and kissed her with all his passion. First she was surprised but then she let anything go and kissed him back.
'And I want you to know, that I like you a lot, Take your time, it is okay I can wait and we have a lot of time'
he whispered in her ear and kissed her again.
'I really have to go in now, it is late'
Corrie said. After a long good night kiss she went in and called Maddie. Trevor called his brother. Both were happy for them and wanted to know everything about the night. Maddie surprised her, when she asked her:
'So how was your first kiss?'
'How do you know?'
'Hey I know you for 15 years and you're my best friend! I know more about you than you think'
She wasn't angry, she was just happy for her. After this phonecall she went to bed and received a textmessage just the moment before she fell asleep:
'Hey sweetie, no worries, you're doing great. I'll call you tomorow. Sweet dreams and thousands kisses'
She turned her cell phone off and smiled. She couldn't believe it, she found someone who liked her at least so much she did. With a big smile she fell asleep and dreamed about Trevor and the last couple hours!!

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